Expert counseling and advocacy to address your legal needs

Have you been injured wrongfully, treated unfairly, or do you need help navigating a challenging legal matter? The Law Office of James Mills provides expert counseling and advocacy with integrity, diligence, care, and compassion. We can help you resolve issues effectively and obtain justice, whether you need help in the areas of business counseling, real estate, personal injury, employment, wills and trusts, or intellectual property.

How We Can Help

Business Counseling

If you own a business, you want to protect your important investment. We provide sound legal advice for protecting your business and can help you efficiently resolve your disputes.

Real Estate

Are you navigating issues related to your ownership, lease, or purchase of residential or commercial real estate? If so, we can ably guide you through transactions and disputes.


Have you been wrongfully terminated or disciplined by your employer? Our legal counsel can help you obtain the justice to which you are entitled.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered a serious injury, you may be experiencing significant medical, financial and personal challenges related to your injury. We can help you navigate the complicated process of obtaining compensation for injuries resulting from the wrongdoing or negligence of others.

Wills and Trusts

If you need estate planning assistance, we can guide you in thoughtfully planning your will or trust, to help ensure that your estate is protected for the benefit of you and your family.

Intellectual Property

Your decisions over who can use or access your creative work are important, and may have financial consequences. We can help protect your intellectual property rights in your creations, and counsel you with respect to copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets.

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